BEAMIDE the new INFN spin-off

Beamide S.r.l.  is an innovative start-up company founded in Perugia at the end of 2021, which will develop MRADSIM, software to simulate the effects of radiation on electronic, mechanical, and organic components.

MRADSIM is a program capable of reading files generated by CAD software and converting them into the simulation input format.

The radiation transport within the system under study, down to every single electronic or mechanical or biological components, is achieved with GEANT4, an open-source program developed at CERN in Geneva.

The free demo version of the converter has been reviewed and used by high-profile scientific institutions, including the European Space Agency, CERN, NASA, Stanford University in California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The first commercial version of the software, MRADSIM-SPACE, will be dedicated to space applications and is in an advanced stage of development.

MRADSIM-CONV-PRO, a commercial version of the converter with additional functionalities, will be released, followed by MRADSIM-EARTH, a version dedicated to the simulation of terrestrial applications.

In addition to the MRADSIM project, the company Beamide S.r.l. deals with the research and development of innovative radiation detectors, radiation tests, and qualification tests in thermo-vacuum chambers.

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