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The main project on which the foundation of the BEAMIDE start-up is based concerns the MRADSIM software. The goal is to create an indispensable and unique tool for studying the effects of radiation, from design to implementation and use. The project consists in the creation of a modern and intuitive graphic interface, which allows to simulate the effects of radiation on electronic and electromechanical devices even for a non-programming expert user. This will give the user the possibility to have easy access to the effects of radiation on the critical components of his project, and therefore to be able to speed up his work in the development of solutions, mitigations or alternatives. In addition to the functions already present in the few competitors on the market, MRADSIM will contain new and innovative functions, the possibility of speeding up simulations via GPU processors and the possibility of obtaining immediate graphical feedback of the simulation results. As a second activity we would carry out research and development for a portable personal dosimeter with innovative techniques of detection and battery power supply of the device. The innovative PDOZ product for gamma/X-ray, electron, and neutron dosimetry will find application in various fields, from the environment to territorial security, to medicine and radiation protection in research centers and nuclear plants.