Other Services


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Thanks to its many years of experience in system design, evaluation of radiation resistance and field qualification, IRADETS offers its customers the opportunity to train staff through workshops and courses. The entire scope of the training and the quality of the courses are guaranteed by IRADETS, with a careful selection of instructors, both within IRADETS and in collaboration with research institutes and companies.

Course types:

  • Radiation/matter interaction and radiation damage
  • Simulation training in systems working in space
  • Thermal and mechanical states of systems working in space
  • Qualification systems of components working in space
  • Development and qualification of Electronic Components

Component Supply

As IRADETS, we can offer support in component suggestions and supplies that can be used in radiation conditions in space conditions;

  • Supply for rad-hard, rad-tolerant, hard-to-find components
  • Providing radiation stiffness assurance data, if avaible in IRADETS database
  • Implementing mitigation solutions on the component and suggestions of alternative components if it showed a limitation in performance when irradiated
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