Earth Based Appliations

With MRADSIM simulation program, the impact analysis of the radiation occurring in the natural and laboratory environment on the ground with the relevant environment can be applied in many areas.

 These are;

For Nuclear Reactors, facilities and laboratories;

  • Detailed analysis of the entire site,
  • Identifying critical and safe areas in accident scenarios,
  • Making suggestions with precise shielding work for control rooms,
  • Radiation resistance analysis of all mechanical and electronic structures, which constantly interact with radiation, can be performed.

For Nuclear medicine, radiation oncology units;

  • Radiation mapping of all radioactive particles including neutron in treatment rooms,
  • Determination of flux and direction information of secondary radiation emitted from electron linear accelerators,
  • Shielding can be done.

For Automotive and aviation industry in line with radiation studies;

  • Especially in recent years, with the rapid advancement of the automotive industry from the mechanical structure to the digital structure, the unexpected negative effects created by cosmic radiation can be analyzed and mitigated/prevented on the ECU and other electronic components on the vehicles.
  • Since the aviation sector has the most radiation-affected structures in the atmosphere, especially in the high quota, radiation studies can be made with special studies to be prepared for this area.

Automotive industry

In vehicles that control many sensors with the new generation electronic brain, the cosmic radiation effect occurring at different altitude points is modeled with MRADSIM in terms of region and time.

Radiation related facilities

All radiation penetration based analysis and shielding of the important structures such as accelerator facilities, radiopharmaceutical production facilities, research laboratories, nuclear medicine and radiation oncology units can be carried out with MRADSIM.

nuclear reactors

Nuclear Reactors are the places where the risk of radiation leakage is highest. Many different studies can be done with MRADSIM, such as the uncontrolled spreading scenario of an accident caused by external and internal factors and determining the most critical points.