About Us

IRADETS A.Ş is proud to be the first private Turkish company to study the effects of space radiation, the unnatural radiation source on the earth (accelerators, nuclear facilities, irradiation facilities for health, radioactive sources, etc.) or natural radiation from A to Z.

IRADETS A.Ş. derives its power from the knowledge and experience accumulated by its founders and employees from high-level duties and responsibilities in scientific space experiments, particle accelerators and underground experiments.

The founders of IRADETS A.Ş. started to perform the simulation and irradiation of the European Space Agency (ESA) projects for the most important companies of Europe working in the space sector (such as IMEC, Leonardo, STM) in Turkish infrastructures in accordance with ESA standards. IRADETS continues to bring the many ESA supported projects to these infrastructures.

The wide network established by IRADETS with domestic and international irradiation facilities can perform all kinds of irradiation services in these facilities with the advantage in ESA / JEDEC / MIL / ASTM standards. Detailed analysis and reports are prepared in accordance with these standards and can suggest armoring, mitigation methods or alternative component/device solutions when necessary.

Preliminary investigation of single event effects (SEE) triggered by radiation on components and effects of VUV/UV tests on solar cell, optical material, composite or meta-materials can be examined by infrastructure devoloped and patented by IRADETS. IRADETS is the
one of the only establishment capable of conducting these test in Europe and only one in Turkey.


IRADETS is on a mission to continuously follow and contribute to the latest innovations in science and technology in line with the needs of our country. It is our most important duty to train personnel in profiles that are competent in their fields, highly motivated and perform their work to the highest standards.


We always act with the idea of achieving the firsts in science and technology guidelines and bringing them to our country. We are developing our vision of achievements and innovative approach.